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Sabtu, 25 April 2009


A perjungan will never reach the point of victory without sacrifice, and each requires patience and sacrifice to ikhlasan. Without sacrifice in dasari with patience and to iklasan akan kill all trust in the sense of self even to the infinite power. The weight is a struggle if you're not fighting people close to religion. They will be stuck with worldly guile without bias to think more mature and adult life to issues that occur. Thankfulness-thankfulness if that struggle could be won by him. And not necessarily the result of time to enjoy the victory that they will be quiet. Or maybe even time to enjoy akan more weight at the time of the fight. But what will happen when the struggle with the sacrifice that was built a long berahir at the point defeat. With the circumstances that are far away with religion, with the self that is never satisfied and ihklas. Moreover, with adaan to themselves that far from feeling grateful. Maybe we can be sure how akan terganggunya their quietness of the soul. This can lead to the emergence of the act - the act outside the norms of both religion and law. Various ways and sidetrack was performed. No longer consider good and bad, is not rational thinking. This we should know and together we feel selayaknyalah concerned.

Unlike the struggle carried out by people close to God and Religion. Struggle they placed on the foundation and the patience to Ikhlasan. Is one of the obligations must do in order to realize the ideals of a struggle. And this is an endeavor or effort to achieve something. If you struggle with the sacrifice that brandish berahir defeat at the point they will return all of the infinite power of Allah SWT. Why? The answer simple. Allah SWT is all set on the top of this earth. May defeat for us is one which is very painful and very bad. But with Allah SWT defeat provided this is the best and beautiful for us. Why? Allah SWT omniscient, the Knower. If you can berandai anadai, if only given the victory on the course when we may enjoy the results of the victory that we are close to the gods and finally the menjauh even menjauh bias just because melupakannya worldly temptation, wealth, position, status, and so forth. Or we may neglect karna akan rush-rush that we have due to the effects of victory are. We win in the world, but with Allah SWT we lose. But Allah SWT have another karna so unfortunately for us people. To have all of that does not happen in the end victory was pull out of us and we accept defeat with a good beribu wisdom is in the secret even if Allah SWT.

But if we are ready with it a victory. God will surely give the victory on the patient.

Hopefully with the victory we will be more grateful and more closely on Allah SWT. And hopefully with the defeat we will open the eyes for more browse our weaknesses that have been disguised in the show by Allah SWT. And make us increasingly close denganya karna has given grace and guidance we lack akan page.

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